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Eefficient approach to power systems planning and development

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Video recording of a 2-hours seminar and speakers’ presentations on Ukrainian power system modelling and presenting world experience.

On January 27, 2022, Wärtsilä held a seminar for the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine "Global experience in power systems planning and development." At the event, the speakers presented and discussed with the participants two main topics: Global experience in power systems planning and development, creating incentives and mechanisms for the long-term plans implementation; and Modelling of the power system development scenarios as a tool for planning. Jan Andersson, General managermarket development Europeand Africa, Wärtsilä, and Antti Alahäivälä, General manger market development, Wärtsilä, shared their experience on behalf of Wärtsiläcompany, which has modelled more than 120 power systems worldwide.

Amid the energy transition, each country needs long-term planning of its power system. The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine is currently working on the Energy strategy by 2050 and elaborating separate Hydrogen strategy together with the international partners, expert community and representatives of the companies in power sector.

NPC "Ukrenergo" in the "Report on compliance (sufficiency) assessment of the generating facilities" has determined the need for the construction of at least 2 GW of flexible generating capacities and 2 GW of energy storages in the Ukrainian energy system, which opens up new opportunities for attracting investments in the country’s power sector.

Modelling (not to be confused with forecasting) - is a reliable basis for planning, in order not only to determine the direction and goals for 10, 20, or 30 years ahead, but in a well-reasoned way answer the questions about what capacities, when and in what volumes are to be built to achieve goals, and how to change the regulatory framework for the new technologies to come.

During the seminar, Wärtsilä speakers told about the difference between the traditional and the most modern mathematical modelling and what PLEXOS software tool is, shared the results of two modellings of the Ukrainian power system and relevant examples from other countries, as well as clued up about the incentives to attract investors and the ways of return of the investments.

Video recording of the seminar “Global experience in power systems planning and development”

Presentations of the speakers

Jan Andersson, General manager market development Europe and Africa, Wärtsilä

Antti Alahäivälä, General manger market development, Wärtsilä


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